Weekly Mowing

As a client of Mow it Mulch It, I understand that your time is valuable.  Whether it be traveling for work or time with your family, I make sure that your lawn still looks its best so you can focus on everything else.

As a client of Mow It Mulch It you also have the ability to contact me any time with any questions, concerns, or about any additional services that you may require.

Our mowing services include:

1) Mowing with a professional grade residential stand on mower

2) Line trimming areas of the property (Fence lines, curbs, posts, trees, etc.) 

4) Blowing off all grass clippings from the driveway and sidewalks

The price you pay is determined based on the square footage of the turf on the property and starts at $35 per cut.  We don't upcharge just because you live in a fancy neighborhood.  The price is honest and fair.